The Chef in the Mediterranean

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A chef looking for her perfect job and a deckhand dreaming of being a captain. Marcella knows second chances shouldn’t be wasted.

My job requirements:

1) Cook amazing food

2) See the world

3) Get paid

4) Avoid sleeping with the hot deckhand—again

When I arrived in Montenegro to start my new position as the head chef aboard the superyacht Themis, I thought I was finally achieving my dream—until I realized I’d be working with Seb, the man who’d cost me my job six months previously.

He thinks I ran away, and I know better than to get involved again. But the tension is building, and the crew has to stick together to get the job done. The more I see Seb, the more the memories make my heart pound. . . .

The Second Chance in the Mediterranean features an Italian yacht chef, the Cuban-American deckhand who deserves a second chance, and the forced proximity of working on a luxury yacht. Full of adventure and steamy night, this standalone will take you island hopping in the Mediterranean while making you hungry for more. 

The third in the Love and Wanderlust series, The Second Chance in the Mediterranean is a standalone contemporary romance for everyone who wants their wanderlust to continue into the happily-ever-after.

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