The Slow Burn in Polynesia

A social media star learns to trust herself again when a quiet, shy fan meets her in this swoony, slow burn romantic comedy. 

Am I famous? No. 

But the gorgeous guy anchored next to me has seen all of the videos on my very niche sailing channel and he is star-struck. 

I’m nursing my wounds from a bad divorce while sailing in the South Pacific. Jonas’s insistence that I join in his fun reignites my love for the islands and this wild, crazy life. 

Between swimming with sharks and star-filled skies, attraction grows. And when a crisis happens, Jonas is calm and collected–nothing like my ex.

A sizzling kiss sparks two blissful weeks of passion, but he’s heading to New Zealand, and my little sailboat has to stay in the gentle waters of Tahiti.

Jonas asks me for a commitment I’m not ready to make. I have to decide: am I ready to trust myself?

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