Ghost of Ex-mas Past

My high school sweetheart left me to pursue his fortune–and I still have to spend every Christmas with him.

It’s what I get for falling in love with the boy next door. His parents are my parents’ best friends, and for every Christmas past we’ve had to stay in the same crappy cabin together stuffed with holiday cheer while our families revel in their perfect lives. I’m not trying to be a scrooge about the whole thing, but it’s hard when I’m chained to my job in New York City.

For Christmas present, things have changed. We’re getting a cabin upgrade and Charlie is NOT flying in with his family…

Because he’s my ride. When our meddling families “arranged transportation” for us, it was all a ploy.

And now I’m stuck in a car with the man who broke my heart, trying desperately not to think of a Christmas yet to come with him or remember why I fell in love with him in the first place.

And he seems different this year–more humble and generous. I still see the ghosts of his past self, though, and he amassed his wealth through drive, ambition, and going for exactly what he wants.

And what he wants this Christmas…is me.

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