Rosé with my Fake Fiancé

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In my favorite city in the world, I find myself alone and miserable until a flirty–and much younger–man pretends to be my fake fiancé.

I thought that by forty-two I’d be happily married, but somehow I’ve been the woman men want to date but don’t want to marry. And now even my friends have left me alone in the city of love.

Alone except for Luc, the charming tour guide. He refuses to cancel the trip and reminds me what it’s like to feel sexy and desired. He even rekindles my love for Paris by showing me a side of the city few see.

Then we run into my ex…with his new fiancé on his arm and a smug look on his face.

When Luc holds me close and tells a little lie, their surprise is so satisfying. Maybe a little too satisfying, because I invite Luc up to my room for the hottest night of my life that certainly doesn’t feel fake. 

Too bad I’m only here for a few days. And in the morning light, our lie might catch up to us…